The aim of Pages is to create a meeting point composed of both permanence and passage which provides an environment for conception and discovery. It is built on a knowledge of a city that we have worked in and studied since the late 1990’s.
Pages is a place where form and function meld, and where travelers, architects, engineers, teachers, students, neighbors, designers, artists and visitors may cohabit. Levels of involvement are shared between creator and user and move from conception to realisation.
Pages is a unique meeting ground and experimental space which is both multidisciplinary and international, with strong local roots.
Set in a building created in the mid-1960’s and a second, more recent structure, Pages features nine guest rooms and two apartments (Pages Rooms).
A 24h/7d front desk is available for any assistance and tour information. Rooms are cleaned everyday and breakfast is included in the room rate.
The ensemble also features an architectural office, a library/study space, a cafe, a design showroom and a multi-purpose area.