Pages Design

Pages Design is a showroom of creative and functional elements by Khmer & European designers settled in Siem Reap – with the hotel itself and its fixtures and furnishings being a showcase of their varied work and ingenuity; custom and bespoke design is available, together with architecture books and design magazines that are on display and available for sale.


Asma Architects

Tizianel, and the Ros siblings studied at the Paris-Belleville School of Architecture, whilst Ear Dom and Bun Yalin were educated at the Institute of Technology of Cambodia.

They started their career together in Cambodia, working on both Siem Reap’s Kantha Bopha Centre and Phnom Penh Airport’s VIP Lounge, in concert with Ros Borath. These projects appeared in the Phaidon Atlas of Contemporary World Architecture for both 2004 and 2008; the only instances of Cambodian buildings to have appeared in that publication.

After initially working ad hoc as a group of friends, the five formed Asma Architects in 2007. They have undertaken many projects in Siem Reap and Phnom Penh, including restaurants, hotels, spas, private residences and schools (the single-roomed One Hotel, Hotel Be, A-ha restaurant, Bodia and Frangipani Spas, Kama Sutra Restaurant, Viroth’s Hotel and Viroth’s Restaurant).

They have also completed projects in both France and Japan. Their work has been featured in several magazines and publications devoted to architecture and travel, among them Art 4D (Thailand) and Formes (Canada).

The three architects are also lecturers of Architecture in Paris, Tokyo and Siem Reap while Bun Yalin is a lecturer of Engineering in Siem Reap.